The Craft: Legacy (2020)

Rating: 5 out of 10.

The Craft: Legacy is a sequel to the famous 1996 film. Normally, I go back and watch the original film in preparation to see the new one. I had planned and scheduled to do just that this time, as well, but I had to move a few things around this month, and unfortunately, I couldn’t revisit the original. I believe I just watched it last year, so I’m not completely blind to this universe of films, but I never reviewed it for whatever reason. Maybe I’ll review that hallowed film next year. For now, it’s time to discover its legacy…let’s get crackin!

This review is brought to you by the word of the day: Hallowed.
Sacred or revered.

The Craft: Legacy focuses on three young women who just so happen to be witches, but need a fourth to complete their coven. That’s when the new girl, Lily, comes to town, who just so happens to be incredibly gifted in the occult. This now completed coven of witches find out how powerful they are, and it’s all fun and games. Until, as they say, someone gets hurt.

I’ve seen the first movie maybe once, so it’s nothing that I think is nostalgic, but I can appreciate the little nuances it had that helped it find its overall atmosphere, which was undoubtedly darker and themed more towards horror than this was. Truthfully, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this movie is a Freeform original film. It feels like it belongs on the Freeform channel, both in its much lighter atmosphere, its clearly younger cast, and in its heavy-handed messages on political correctness when it comes to non-binary constructs like gender neutrality and sexual preferences in particular. It’s trying desperately to appeal to a very specific audience, one that I don’t think cares that much about a horror sequel like this. I don’t mind political correct messages. In certain projects, I think it works out really well, but in this case, I think it definitely watered down the effectiveness of the original movie, and I imagine those who are big fans of the original will have a hard time enjoying the sequel.

It’s also really hard to downright call it a sequel. I remember seeing articles left and right stating that this movie is not a remake, guys, it’s not! It’s a sequel! Well, I’m just going to say that anything that makes this film a sequel is a gimmick, and a majority of the film, you can’t help but ask yourself how its supposed to be a sequel when it is clearly following the same exact plot of the first, just as a remake would do. By the time you realize what it is that makes it a sequel, you’re just annoyed at that point. Read my lips. This is not a sequel. Not really. If you want to call it a sequel, you might as well throw in “money-grabbing” before you say that.

Now, I don’t want to close out the review without first saying what I think is good. I don’t know. I think these girls had some pretty decent chemistry together, since this seemed to be more coming-of-age than anything else. They worked well with each other, and this one character, Timmy, was particularly of interest because he started out as a bully, and through witch manipulation, went through a change and became a really interesting character. I did really like that, and some of the various magic tricks the girls do are a lot more powerful and in your face than the first film. Some will like that, some won’t, but regardless, I do think it’s fun in that department. That being said, that’s the only positives that I can outright find, because a majority of everything else mostly feels safe, or as I used to say in my reviews a few years back, cinematically monotonous; neither here nor there. Even if the first movie never came out and this was the only version of The Craft we ever had, it still would be imperfect because it wouldn’t really feel that original or special. There’s a significant lack of soul in this movie that I found to be distracting. Maybe that’s just me.

Let’s go ahead and look at my final score. From an unbiased, technical level, this film was incredibly safe. Not much stood out as particularly well-crafted or anything. It just mostly felt kind of bland. That score is 58%, and as far as my personal biased score goes, that’s much lower at 44% because I personally can’t find many things that I enjoyed about the movie. Averaging out the two scores together, we come to the final rating of 51%, 51 out of 100 possible stars, or an F letter grade.


Unbiased Score


Biased Score



I can’t say I was really expecting a ton out of this movie, but I wasn’t really expecting anything super light or P.C., but it is what it is. Guys, let me know your thoughts on The Craft: Legacy in the comments section down below. Were you a fan of the original, and if so, how well do you think this connects to the other? And until next time…


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