Magic Camp (2020)

Rating: 7 out of 10.

The following review is a transcript of a video review that should soon be available to watch over on my YouTube Channel.

MAGIC CAMP is a new Disney Plus original film which sprung up on me out of absolutely nowhere. I’ve never seen a single advertisement for it. I was just checking Disney for some new content, and low and behold, a movie starring the likes of Adam Devine and Gillian Jacobs, both of which are actors that people like and dislike, depending on what they’re doing. That being said, I mostly enjoy both. Adam sometimes picks weird projects that aren’t the greatest, but I like him. He stands out. Even if he can sometimes be a braggadocio. Let’s get crackin!

This review is brought to you by the word of the day: Braggadocio – A person given to arrogant pretension, AKA cockiness.

Magic Camp is about a group of kids aspiring to one day be great magicians, and to do that, they all attend the Institute of Magic, otherwise known as ‘Magic Camp’, where they can be trained in the art of sleight of hand and in this case, confidence.

This is a fun movie. Like most the kids in the film, I grew up watching people like David Copperfield, and that made me want to be a magician myself. I even learned a few tricks along the way. So, I can relate with the kids in the movie. I can also very much appreciate the practical effects used in the film. Most of the magic you see here is real sleight-of-hand stuff that the actual performing magicians do, because before they filmed the movie, the kids were trained by real magicians on how to do the tricks. That’s awesome to me, specifically because Disney didn’t have to do that. They have all the opportunities in the world to just make it look real.

Also, Adam Devine is likeable here. He starts off as a grumbling pessimistic guy holding onto a several-year grudge and you know while watching that he’s going to see the error of his ways. It is Disney, and the movie, more or less, is coming-of-age. In fact, one of the biggest things about Magic Camp is constant theme of confidence. Adam Devine’s own lack of confidence is mirrored by the kids he is supposed to teach, and throughout the movie, you start to see a glimmer of what makes each kid special, and as they grow, so too does Adam Devine’s character.

Looking at the negatives, I’ll be honest and say I don’t really see a ton other than the fact that a majority of the movie is safe, right? It feels like a typical Disney Channel movie, with maybe a slightly higher budget. That’s mostly been the case with a majority of these Disney Plus original films. I liked the cast here, I felt that it was warm, funny, and light-hearted, but the concept itself wasn’t amazingly memorable. The behind-the-scenes stuff like visuals, cinematography and editing was nothing spectacular. It wasn’t bad, no, but it wasn’t super fantastic, either. It was middle-of-the-road. The narrative, likewise, was fine, but it wasn’t about anything. Because it was coming-of-age, you had a lot of intrinsic importance and mirroring themes on confidence, but the story wasn’t about much, other than a group of magicians trying to win a golden wand, which I don’t think you really care that much about when watching.

It is, however, a great family film. When looking at all the originals on Disney Plus, this is instantly one of my favorites if not favorite film to watch with my kids. Doesn’t make it a masterpiece. Doesn’t even make it technically better than any of the other movies on there, but it is an easy popcorn flick for families to watch together. Take that as you will. From an unbiased perspective, I have this rated at 70%, because as I mentioned, it made more safe decisions than not. It was made competently enough, we’ll just say that. My biased score is almost the same, but slightly higher at 72%, because obviously, I enjoyed it well enough. It’s just not my favorite film of the year, take that as you will. When we average out the two scores together, our final rating is 71%, 71 out of 100 possible stars, meaning the film, like many others on the channel, is fair.


Unbiased Score


Biased Score


Total Score

Now, tell me your thoughts on Magic Camp in the comments down below. Did you like it, did you hate it? Do you plan on watching it if you haven’t yet? Also, as usual, that’s all I got for the day…and until next time…


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