I had a failure to laugh watching ‘Failure to Launch’ (2006)

Tripp is a man that has some trouble letting go.  Relationships come and go when they realize he is a 35 year-old man that still lives with his parents, which doesn’t in the least bit bother him. His two friends, Ace (Justin Bartha) and Demo (Bradley Cooper) are also home dwellers who share his understanding of the benefits of living at home, enter Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker). Paula was hired by Tripp’s parents to inspire Tripp into moving away by masquerading as a love interest. Clearly, this is where predictability comes into play. Every single movie that had to do with one individual faking being in love with another individual, that fake love eventually turns into real feelings. There is also the lying stereotype in a movie that the truth will reveal itself and someone will be hurt, and then forgive.

 The moment the film relinquishes it’s build-up of story and character and begins its all-so-familiar predictability routine, the movie stops being interesting. Yes the comedy is about so-so, and the overall story revolves around a full grown man refusing to leave his parents (which is considerably new), but with many romantic comedies the predictability factor is staggering and honestly distracting.

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 I felt that nobody else could have filled Tripp’s role than Matthew McConaughey. For some reason, he was the perfect choice. However, I felt very disengaged with Sarah Jessica Parker. Their chemistry was not that spectacular, and rom-coms really need at least the chemistry to drown out the predictability. In fact, the chemistry between Zooey Deschanel and Justin Bartha’s character was much better. The side-story with the mockingbird was quite a bit annoying, though.

 One of the more confusing aspects to the entire film is that Terry Bradshaw played Matthew McConaughey’s father, and Kathy Bates played his mother. The only thing about that which is believable is their ages, but that’s it. I don’t know who did the casting in this movie, but it seems to me they got it half right and half wrong. I will say that it is always fun to catch a cameo by Stephen Tobolowsky, no matter how small.

Awright Awright Awright, see that’s what I don’t like about Matthew McConaughey, I keep getting older and he just stays the same [mental] age.

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